3 At Home Parties to Lift Your Mood During Quarantine

Have you been pining for the pre-quarantine days? Are you sick of being stuck at home with nothing to do? These three easy at home parties are a great way to lift your spirits and remind yourself it isn’t all bad.

It’s important for us to stay active and healthy during quarantine. But we also have to remember to have fun. Quarantine can be quite depressing, and it’s important to keep things interesting at home so that we don’t fall into the bad habits that come with isolation and boredom.

The following party ideas are all great ways to have fun and keep your days interesting even while you’re stuck at home. Happy party planning everyone!

Quarantine Party 1: Day at the Beach

As we head into warmer weather, one of the things people are missing most is going to the beach. The warm sunshine, the cool water, playing in the sand–the epitome of summer. The good news is that you really can replicate most of this from your home by having a beach themed quarantine party. My husband and I had one of these recently and it was super fun!

Party Set Up

The first thing an at home beach party needs is heat. If you live in a cooler climate (like Wisconsin), this may require turning up your heat or using a space heater. But if you live somewhere warmer, perhaps all you need to do is turn off the air conditioner and open up the windows.

The next step is to grab some beach towels and spread them out in the living room. If you have a small blow-up pool or something similar, it can be a lot of fun to put some water in it and relax in that! Just be sure that you put towels under it if you decide to use it inside the house.

To set the atmosphere, turn on some ocean sounds (Luke and I used this underwater soundscape generator). If you have Netflix, turn on one of the ocean episodes of Moving Art–it’s super relaxing and really brings the beach to your living room.

Beach Themed Food

One of the funnest parts of a beach party is having foods and drinks that remind you of summer. Luke and I had pineapple pizza, but if that’s not really your thing, hot dogs and hamburgers are also great choices for a main course. Or maybe there’s a totally different food that always reminds you of summer!

Drinks should be fruity and refreshing. Luke and I had cucumber water and some soda. Fruit punch or lemonade are great choices too. If you’re going for more of an adult feel, try some hard lemonade or a mixer.

Try to get snacks that are beach or ocean themed. Gold fish, blue jello, or even just some watermelon are good choices. Luke and I also had gummy sharks and served popcorn in sand pails. If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of these yummy beach themed snacks!

Beach Activity Ideas

Games for a beach themed quarantine party really vary depending on the age group of the “party goers”, but there are a few games that are always fun for everyone. Limbo is always a great game, and you can easily set it up using a broom and a few chairs. Another idea is to set up some sort of net in your living room and play volleyball with an inflatable beach ball.

Luke and I also had a lot of fun playing with some fake sand in a large tub. It’s cheap and easy to make, and it works pretty well for sand castles. You can also put in a container and save it for later when you’re done with it.

Being stuck at home during quarantine is hard, but these at home party ideas are a great way to raise your spirits and stay positive during quarantine. These beach themed party ideas include summertime drinks, beach themed snacks and even a recipe for fake sand so you can build sandcastles at home!
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Finishing Touches

Now it’s time for some fun! Put on your favorite swimsuit, and slather your arms in sunscreen. You might not need it, but it makes everything smell like summer. You can also try spraying some fruity or summer-smelling air freshener around the room. If you have any flower leis, those are fun to wear too!

Toward the end of the evening, try turning on a beach or ocean themed movie, like Moana or Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a great way to wrap up the evening.

Quarantine Party 2: Camping Trip

If you’ve never had an at home camping trip, then you are missing out. This is one of my favorite quarantine party ideas. It’s all the fun of camping without any of the discomfort of sleeping on the cold hard ground. Get as creative as possible with this and have a ton of fun!

Party Set Up

The main things you’ll need for an at home camping party are a tent, some sleeping bags, and a couple flashlights. Of course, if you have a yard you can always set everything up outside and have a camping trip in your backyard. But for those who don’t have a yard, this is just as fun inside. Maybe even more fun because there’s no bugs!

If you have house plants, bring them all into the room you’ll be camping in. If you have a wax melter, try using a scent like evergreen. Turn off all the lights in your home and open all the curtains to allow the natural light in. Consider opening the windows to let the fresh air in. Do everything you can to bring the outdoors into your house.

Campfire Food

If you’re having an indoor camping party, then a campfire isn’t really an option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have campfire food. Grill some hot dogs on the stove, or an outdoor grill if you have one. S’mores are easy to make in the oven or microwave–just keep some baby wipes on hand!

To make your party a little more fun and creative, try getting some gummy insects or worms, pretzel sticks “firewood”, or make dirt cups with chocolate pudding. Or make one of these great recipes!

Camping Party Activities

Early evening camping party activities should be simple and outdoors-y. Try an indoor scavenger hunt, paint pine cones, or make constellations with marshmallows and toothpicks. If you’re going for more of an adult themed party, try a scavenger hunt with riddles, have a marshmallow eating contest, or make splatter paintings of the night sky.

As the sun goes down, turn on a YouTube video of a campfire or some night sounds. Don’t turn on your lights! Use flashlights when you need light, or light some candles. Sit in a circle and tell ghost stories, or play grapevine. Charades is also super fun to play by campfire light!

Wrapping Up

Watching a movie toward the end of the night might ruin the outdoors illusion, but this is a party, not a real camping trip! If you’re struggling to find a good camping movie, try The Parent Trap or The Incredible Journey. If you’re looking for something scarier with a ghost story vibe, The Blair Witch Project is a good one to try.

Then turn the night time outdoor sounds back on and snuggle down into your sleep bags for a good night’s sleep, or do some stargazing!

Quarantine Party 3: Home Olympics

Due to the pandemic, the real Olympics were postponed this year. But you can have lots of fun with your own home Olympics party during quarantine. Whether for kids or adults, this type of party is always super enjoyable, and it will get you moving, which is never a bad thing!

Party Set Up

The first thing you’ll need to do is make some medals for the Olympics winners. The gold foil casings of chocolate coins work great for this, but if you don’t have any, construction paper works just as well. You can also decorate whatever room you’ll be using with the five Olympic rings cut out of construction paper, or even make a paper torch for the opening ceremonies.

Set a pathway through your yard, or a hallway in your house, to be used for the ceremonial run with the torch. Allow time for each of the “athletes” to give opening speeches. Make a flag of some sort to raise before the games start, and have everyone say the pledge of allegiance, or play the national anthem.

Olympic Themed Food

There may not be a lot of on-screen eating at the real Olympics, but a party is never complete without some themed snacks. Be sure to take snack breaks during your games so everyone can keep their energy up!

For the main course try making a homemade pizza with five rings of pepperoni on it (or whatever other toppings you enjoy). Or consider making some different foods from around the world. After all, the Olympics are a time when all the different countries come together. Celebrate the diversity!

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for Olympic themed snacks, check out these awesome ideas.

Let the Games Begin!

Obviously the most important part of an Olympic party is the actual games. Of course, if you’re not really into playing games, then you can always watch clips of past Olympic sports on YouTube. This can also be an enjoyable way to take a quick break from your own games and eat some snacks.

At home Olympic games should be simple to understand, but still challenging to do. Set the difficulty level of the game based on who is participating. For instance, a ring toss is a great family game, but you’ll want a different difficulty level for a five-year-old than you would for her dad.

If you’re having trouble thinking of good games, here a list to get you started.

  • Have a ring toss with Olympic colored rings
  • Play an active game on a gaming system (Wii Sports, Just Dance, Kinect Adventures)
  • Ping pong is great if you have the supplies for it
  • Outside games like badminton and dodge ball
  • Any kind of race–relay, 50 yard dash, wheelbarrow, three legged, even egg spoon races
  • A food eating contest (marshmallow eating, jello slurping, etc.)

This is only a short list, so feel free to make up your own games or put a twist on the ones mentioned (dodge ball with water balloons, for instance). In reality, almost any game can be played as an Olympic game if you’re competitive enough.

Be sure to give medals to each winner and their runners-up. One super fun thing my own family used to do was keep track of who won what on a whiteboard. At the end of the night, whoever won the most games was declared the Olympics Champion. If you do this, consider making a leaf laurel to crown the winner.

Being stuck at home during quarantine is hard, but these at home party ideas are a great way to raise your spirits and stay positive during quarantine. This at home Olympics party has ideas for Olympic themed snacks and games, and even ideas on creating your own opening and closing ceremonies!
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Closing Ceremonies

A great way to end the party and wrap everything up is to have your very own closing ceremony. Let each “athlete” display their medals and discuss their wins. Have your own version of the parade of flags–let everyone make a flag to represent their own personality. Or watch a closing ceremony to a past Olympic games on YouTube.

Even if you don’t have a party, do something special

Over a month in quarantine will take it’s toll on anybody. Even if you choose not to have an at home party, it’s still important to do something special. Consider having an at home spa night or a self-care tea party. Really anything out of the normal is good. Take care of your body and mind until we can leave our homes and resume our lives.

Which of these ideas are your favorite? What other ideas do you have for an at home quarantine party? What are you doing to stay sane during the quarantine? Share your ideas with me in the comments below!

Be sure to follow the blog for regular updates! Next week I’ll be talking about the necessity of self care during quarantine and sharing some of at home self care ideas with you!

Until next time,

–Kori H.

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