6 Christmas Decorating Essentials

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the music, the colors and the decorations. I love the air of excitement, the hushed whispers about surprises, and the general spirit of happiness that seems to be everywhere. My mom always made Christmas a wonderful time in our house. As home-schoolers we got to take a little bit of extra winter vacation time and she always made the most of it. Every day was filled with some kind of crafting, or baking, or special activity. Our house was always decorated to the nines and we did a special bible study every night.

Now that I have my own home miles away from my mother, I’ve gotten to modify the family traditions and create my own. Here is a short list of Christmas decorations that I’ve found essential to my life the past few years.

1. A Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree (Christmas Decorating Essentials)

A tree is the number one essential when decorating any home for Christmas. Until this year, I wasn’t able to afford a real one, and had to get creative. Last year, I used a little two-foot Christmas tree that my fiance’s parents were throwing out. You can usually find these in a thrift store, or at Target or Amazon for less than $15. Luke and I have decided to add one special ornament to our tree each year. This year it was an ornament of Ellie and Carl from Up.

2. Christmas Pillows

Joy to the World Christmas Pillows (Christmas Decorating Essentials)

Throw pillows are a huge part of decorating in my home. I have pillows for every season and every holiday. These specific pillows I got at Michael’s when they were on sale.

3. Stockings

Mini Christmas Stockings Red and Green from Target and Christmas Tree Stocking Holders (Christmas Decorating Essentials)

Luke and I usually spend Christmas Day with his parents, so we keep our large stockings at their house. But what is Christmas decor without stockings? I got these at Target last year for about $5. They sit on either side of our TV cabinet, and we put a couple little gifts in them for each other each year.

4. Christmas Coasters

Snowman Coffee Mug on Homemade Handmade Crochet Christmas Coasters Multicolor (Christmas Decorating Essentials)

Coasters are another thing I have for every season. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I make them. I made the ones above about two years ago when I found the yarn at Hobby Lobby. If you’re interested in making your own, the free pattern is listed on the Crochet Patterns page of this blog, or you can click this link to go straight to it. If you’re not really into crocheting, you can also find them for sale in my Etsy shop.

5. Christmas Snow Globes

Santa Claus Lantern Christmas Snow Globe (Christmas Decorating Essentials)

I’ve collected snow globes since I was about eight years old. At Christmas time all my regular snow globes go into storage and all my Christmas snow globes come out. I can’t imagine the holiday without them.

6. Advent Calendar

Wooden Unpainted Shadow Box Advent Activity Calendar with Drawers from Amazon (Christmas Decorating Essentials)

Advent has always been a huge part of my family’s Christmas celebration. It helps us to remember what the holiday is really about in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. Each drawer of our calendar has a slip of paper with a Christmas activity and two chocolate kisses–one for Luke, one for me. We open one each day as we count down to Christmas. My mother actually has a handmade one that she and I made many years ago that consists of little paper envelopes lined up on two pieces of scrap-booking paper. She would hang it on the wall in the kitchen or living room and we would open one each morning after our bible study.
This advent calendar came from Amazon, and you can find it here if you’re interested.

What are some of your Christmas decorating essentials? Please share them in the comments!

-Kori Joanne

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My name is Kori and I like reading, crocheting, and walks in the sunshine. I live in Northern Wisconsin with my husband. My favorite way to spend the evening is taking a long hot bath and curling up on the couch with a cup of cocoa.

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  1. Leanne

    We have a painted metal sleigh the size of a shoebox that was given to us years ago. We use it every year to hold Christmas greetings from friends and family. (Even though that particular tradition is getting lost with current high tech generations!) Anyway, sometimes the Christmas season can get too busy to really enjoy the notes and cards but I always take time after to read each one and we have also attempted to pray for one sender each evening at dinner in the New year.

  2. Janie Schiltz

    Hi Kori! You may not remember- but decorating (seasonally) has always been one of my things too! One year I hand-stitched felt stockings for all the kiddos and then bought beads, sequins, puff paint, glitter, mini ornaments, etc, and let each little one design their own! It’s a really affordable and memorable craft for kids. 😃

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