7 Habits to Avoid for a Good Morning

Do you struggle to stay positive and energized throughout the day? Are you tired of sugar crashes and headaches by mid-morning? The first two hours after you wake up set the mood for your entire day, and set you up to either succeed or fail in achieving your goals. Learn which habits to avoid for a productive and positive day!

While everybody’s morning routine is going to look different, there are certain things you should always try to avoid. It’s so easy to start your day by rolling out of bed at the last minute and scrambling to get ready for work in ten minutes, but is it really what is best for us?

Remember: self-care means taking care of ourselves even when we don’t want to. I admit that I have struggled with these things myself, and still do struggle with them pretty often, but practice makes progress. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of the journey.

Be sure to share your own tips for cultivating good morning habits in the comments!

Bad Mornings Start with the Snooze Button

Hitting snooze means starting your morning by admitting defeat. If you have an alarm set for a specific time, it’s probably because you wanted to get up at that time. By hitting snooze, you essentially start your day by saying, “I can’t achieve the goals I set for myself.” That is never a good thing!

Hitting snooze or setting multiple alarms also interrupts your sleep cycles. When you hit snooze and go back to sleep, you start a new sleep cycle that you won’t be able to finish before your alarm goes off again. It takes an hour and a half to complete a sleep cycle, and setting multiple alarms or hitting snooze almost guarantees that you’ll be groggy and tired when you eventually get out of bed.

A good morning means a good day.  Increase your energy, your productivity, and your positivity throughout the day by avoiding these seven things every morning. These morning routine ideas will help you to stay energized and keep you healthy!
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Avoid Getting on Your Phone First Thing

Getting on your phone right when you wake up has a horrible effect on your motivation and positivity. Checking social media right away kills your productivity levels. Social media is a form of entertainment and starting your day with entertainment means creating a mental atmosphere of distraction and laziness. It can make it hard to focus for the rest of the day, and can even create an air of negativity. The same is true of checking the news.

Lying in bed on your phone is also incredibly bad for your muscle health. Simply put, there’s no way you can have good posture while lying in bed looking at your phone. Staying in bed after you wake up will also make you feel sleepy, and can make you loose track of time and waste your morning.

The best practice is to get out of bed right away and get the morning started the right way!

Skip the Morning Coffee

Don’t freak out! You can still have coffee in the morning, you may just need to push it back a couple of hours. Studies show that the best time to drink coffee is an hour or two after you wake up. It’s important to teach your body to wake up naturally before you give it caffiene!

At the very least, you should always wait to have coffee until after you’ve eaten breakfast. Coffee can irritate your stomach acid and drinking it on an empty stomach can cause nausea, heartburn, jitters, and even mood swings. The acid irritation in your stomach produces withdrawal-like symptoms, and will just leave you feeling icky and probably more exhausted than before.

Try drinking some water instead! You usually start your mornings dehydrated after a long night with no water, and water will help you feel more energized and alive than coffee will!

Carb-Heavy Breakfast Are Your Nemesis

Carb-heavy foods are delicious, but let’s face it–they’re almost never good for you. Carbs break down into simple sugars in your blood stream, which can be especially harmful if you’re eating sugar loaded carbs, like pancakes or donuts. According to nutritionists, even food like toast or a bowl of cereal should be avoided when it comes to breakfast.

Instead, nutritionists suggest foods that are high in protein and fiber. It’s important that the food you eat for breakfast provide enough energy to keep you satisfied throughout the morning. Fruits, nuts, yogurt, eggs and oatmeal (preferably sugar-free) are great options. Even just a protein shake is better than eating a carb-rich breakfast.

If you’re short on time in the morning, try bulk-prepping your breakfasts over the weekend!

No Morning Exercise Means No Energy

This has been a hard one for me to get used to, but it really does increase my daily energy. It is crucial to get some sort of exercise in every morning. It helps to regulate your hormones and wake up your body. Studies also show that you’re more likely to lose weight if you exercise in the morning, than if you do the exact same work out later in the day! Doing a morning workout will also increase your alertness and ability to concentrate, and motivate you to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Your morning workout doesn’t have to be strenuous though. As you all know, I am an avid fan of yoga, and I think it’s a great way to start the morning. Even just going on a five to ten minute walk every day when you get up is beneficial!

Don’t Clean Up or Make Your Bed Right Away

This seems counter-intuitive and against everything we were taught as kids, but stick with me. The best way to have a productive morning is to clean up the night before. This allows you to jump right into your morning routine with no distractions. Cleaning up before bed will also help you sleep better, because you won’t be thinking about all the tasks you have to do in the morning!

When it comes to making your bed, there’s a very specific scientific reason you shouldn’t make it in the morning. Making your bed right away can trap moisture between the sheets, creating a perfect home for dust mites. Instead, leave your sheets and comforter peeled back for a while. This will give your bed a chance to be exposed to air and sunlight, which will dehydrate the dust mites and kill them off!

A good morning means a good day.  Increase your energy, your productivity, and your positivity throughout the day by avoiding these seven things every morning. These morning routine ideas will help you to stay energized and keep you healthy!
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Stop Starting Your Morning with Negativity

A few minutes of negativity in the morning can lead to a whole day of pessimism. Avoiding news and social media for while after you wake up is a must for this. Start your day with positivity by turning on some upbeat music, eating a good breakfast, and thinking about how to make the day a good one. Do a morning Bible study or have a short meditation session to focus on your goals and set your intentions for the day.

If you struggle to keep routines or start new goals, try some of these fantastic self-improvement apps to help you get started!

What Does Your Morning Routine Look Like?

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you eat breakfast right away, or do you wait until mid-morning? Tell about your own morning routine in the comments! I am always looking for ways to improve my own morning routine and would love to hear your ideas!

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–Kori H.

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